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Tekona Reishindo Shrine and the Legend of Tekona

Tekona Reishindo Shrine red flags and Tekona Reishindo Hall
Tekona, the beauty, lived in Mama, Katsushika-gun, Shimousa province in thousands years ago was sang in some poems in the Myriad Leaves. And Tekona Reishido Shrine was drawn in Edo Meisho Hyakukei (the hundred popular scenic spots in Edo) by Hiroshige Utagawa, was introduced in Edo Meisho Zue (the guide book introducing scenic spots in Edo) as Tekona Myojin (a goddess), and the legend of Tekona has been loved by many people for thousands years.
It was a very sad story. Once upon a time, about 2000 years ago, there was a girl whose name Tekona lived in Mama, Katsushika, Shimousa. She always came to a well to dip water. Tekona was a very beautiful girl like blooming flowers so the moon fell love in her. Poeple once saw her fell love in her soon and many men proposed her. She was so confused, at last she fell herself into the well.
According to records of Mamasan Guhoji Temple, in 1501, the seventh abbot, the venerable Nichiyo received a divine message from Tekona, then he built a shrine on where her tomb might be. As Tekona Reishindo Shrine is said to have miraculous efficacy for easy delivery, child raising and preventing or curing smallpox, many people visit to pray for them.
Moreover, there is a stone tablet with a haiku poem 'Furusato no yama shizukanaru shiwasu kana' by Toyo Yoshida under the wisteria trellis. And also there is a Japanese katsura tree donated by Masashi Sada, a very popular Japanese singer song writer in front of the shrine.
So Tekona has being loved now.

The Legend of Tekona Reishindo Shrine

Early Nara period, Akahito Yamabe heard of the legend of Tekona and created haiku poems when he arrived at the capital of Shimousa province, and his poems are collected in Manyoshu (Myriad Leaves).

Tekona Reishindo Shrine was built on where Tekona's tomb might be, and the seventh abbot of Mamasan Guhoji Temple, the venerable Nichiyo publicized extensively that the shrine dedicated Tekona.

The legend of Tekona is a story about a beautiful lady Tekona. Tekona was so beautiful that many gentlemen came to her and proposed marriage to, and those men conflicted each other in order to get her love. As a result Tekona sank herself into Mama Cove to commit suicide since she thought she would not like to see the conflicts and she thought that she disturbed them to stay peacefully.
And there are some other stories about Tekona. One says that Tekona always went to Mama no I well to draw water to discharge her duties to her stepmother. Next, Tekona was a daughter of a strong provincial governor, and she got married with a son of another provincial governor, however she was washed out to her birthplace of Mama Beach because their fathers opposed like Romeo And Juliet. And other says that she was a shrine maiden.
Mama is the spiritual home of literature for people in Ichikawa city since Mama has taken up on many literary works for thousands years.

Ichikawa City Board of Education

Translating the information from the information board beside the gate of Tekona Reishindo

Spring at Tekona Reishindo Shrine

the approach to Tekona Reishindored flags and Cherry blossoms a weeping cherry tree and Tekona Reishindosakura and Tekona Reishindo full bloomed cherry blossomsCherry blossoms and the pond sakura in Tekona Reishindo Halla wheeping cherry tree at Tekona 手児奈霊神堂に咲くしだれ桜と青空1手児奈霊神堂に咲くしだれ桜と青空2 Sakura and Tekona Reishindo ShrineTekona Reishindo Hall in spring

Blossoms of A Double Pataled Wisteria Tree in Tekona Reishindo Hall

令和3年手児奈霊神堂に咲く八重藤①令和3年手児奈霊神堂に咲く八重藤② 令和3年手児奈霊神堂に咲く八重藤③令和3年手児奈霊神堂に咲く八重藤④ 令和3年手児奈霊神堂に咲く八重藤⑤令和3年手児奈霊神堂に咲く八重藤⑥ 令和3年手児奈霊神堂に咲く八重藤⑦令和3年手児奈霊神堂に咲く八重藤⑧ 令和3年手児奈霊神堂に咲く八重藤⑨令和3年手児奈霊神堂に咲く八重藤⑩

The Poems Describing Tekona The Beauty

The Poems written by Mushimaro Takahashi in Myriad Leaves

A poem describing a lady in Mama, Katsushika with a tanka poem by Mushimaro Takahashi.

鶏が鳴く 吾妻の国に 古にありける事と 今までに 絶えず言い来る 勝鹿の
真間の手児奈が 麻衣に 青衿着け 直さ麻を 裳に織着て 髪だにも 掻きは梳らず
履をだに 穿かず行けども 錦綾の 中につつめる 斎児も 妹に如かめや 望月の
満れる面わに 花の如 笑みて立てれば 夏蟲の 火に入るが如 水門入りに 船漕ぐ如く
行きがぐれ 人のいふ時 いくばくも 生けらじものを 何すとか 身をたな知りて
波の音の 騒ぐ湊の 奥津城に 妹が臥せる 遠き世に ありける事を 昨日しも
見けむが如も 思ほゆるかも


The Poems written by Akahito Yamabe no Sukune in Myriad Leaves

A poem and a tanka poem describing a lady in Mama, Katsushika while Akahito Yamabe no Sukune was passing by her tomb.

古に 在りけむ人の 倭文幡の 帯解きかへて 伏屋立て 妻問しけむ 葛飾の
真間の手児名が 奥つ城を こことは聞けど 真木の葉や 茂りたるらむ 松が根や
遠く久しき言のみも 名のみもわれは 忘らゆまし。


* Please check some translations of Manyoshu or Myriad Leaves.

The Katsura Tree of Matchmaking Dedicated by Masashi Sada

the introduction of Katsura Treethe Japanese katsura tree
The Dedication 'The Katsura Tree of Matchimaking'

Japanese katsura trees are notably miraculous effective for matchmaking.
This Japanese katsura tree was dedicated by Masashi Sada, one of the most famous and popular singers in Japan, lived in Ichikawa city at the 3rd Hozuki festival held in July 26th of 1981.
Moreover, Tekona Reishindo Shrine dedicates the goddess Tekona who is said to have remarkably miraculous efficacy for easy delivery and child raising.
Mamasan Guhoji Temple

Translating the information from the information board under the tree (left)

Toyo Yoshida and Tekona Reishindo Shrine

Toyo Yoshida (1892-1956)

Toyo Yoshida was a haiku poet from Taisho to Showa era from Nakatsugawa city in Gifu prefecture. His real name was Tatsuo Yoshida. He studied under Otsuji Osuga and joined to a group to publish a haiku magazine 'Shakunage (rhododendron)'. He edited a haiku magazine 'Dassai' in 1925 and managed to publish it throughout his live. He lived near Tekona Reishindo Shrine in Mama, Ichikawa-shi late in his life.大
  • 真間川の潮どきながす飾かな
    Mamagawa no shiodoki nagasu kazari kana
  • ふるさとの山静かなる師走かな
    hurusato no yama shizuka naru shiwasu kana
Works: 冬葉第一句集 (Toyo Daiichi Kushu), 故郷 (Kokyo / Home Town),望郷 (Bokyo / Longing to be Home), etc.

房総叢書 : 紀元二千六百年記念. 第8卷葛飾紀
房総叢書 : 紀元二千六百年記念. 第6卷葛飾誌略
デジタル版 日本人名大辞典

The Location and Access to Tekona Reishindo Shrine

Tekona Reishindo Shrine

  • Tekona Reishindo Shrine has great accessibilities from both Narita and Haneda International Airport.
  • From Narita International Airport, take Keisei-line and get off Ichikawamama Sta or Konodai Sta, take minimally 45 minutes from Narita Airport. And also take JR Sobu-express line, transfer the line at Funabashi to Keisei-line, get off Ichikawamama Sta or Konodai Sta.
  • From Haneda International Airport, take Keikyu-line bound to Narita, and get off Ichikawamama Sta or Konodai Sta.
  • Take 10 minute walk from both Ichikawamama Sta or Konodai Sta.
  • 4-9-1 Mama, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba prefectuer, Japan

Landmarks near Tekona Reishindo Hall

Tekona Reishindo

Tekona Reishindo

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